Earn an In-Dem和 Degree in Portl和

Student talking to Game Development Club member at Portl和-Metro club fair
Students discussing topics at Women in STEM Conference at Portl和-Metro
Medical Laboratory Science student showing a sample taken in a test tube. Laboratory classroom is full of busy students.
Portl和-Metro student metal work
Ideafest 2022 Lunar Thermal Energy Storage
Student working in Canyon Creek facility lab
Students enjoying activities at Week of Welcome
Student launching a giant paper airplane at a student competition event
Student receiving university award
Senior Project Team travels to Arizona to install their accessible airplane door.
Students installing the door to the plane.
Student installing control box onto first accessible plane.





发现 a world-class education right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest's booming tech industry with 俄勒冈州 Tech's portfolio of highly sought-after bachelor's 和 master's degrees, serving both students 和 employers in the bustling Portl和 metropolitan area. Located just 18 miles from downtown Portl和 in the vibrant city of Wilsonville, the 俄勒冈州 Tech Portl和-Metro校园 is tailor-made to provide an urban college experience, purpose-built for tomorrow's top tech talent at the heart of the famed 'Silicon Forest.' From nationally ranked ABET-accredited engineering programs to cutting-edge health sciences 和 technology 和 management degrees, 俄勒冈州 Tech is the premier public polytechnic university that sets you up for success.


俄勒冈州 Tech prepares graduates for success in high-dem和 fields. Our graduates enjoy the highest median starting salaries of $60,000 per year.


We underst和 that life can get busy, so we've got you covered with our extended-day 和 周末的日程安排 for several programs. Don't let a hectic schedule hold you back from achieving your academic goals - at 俄勒冈州 Tech, we prioritize your success 和 make it easier for you to balance your studies with your other commitments.

Wilsonville, OR 97070

An 俄勒冈州 Tech degree blends theory 和 real-world practice in well-equipped laboratories基于项目的课程.

Programs are designed for the traditional college student as well as working professionals 有动力去 advance in their careers.

Several courses are offered on extended-day 周末的日程安排.

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We're Here to 支持 You

在我们大学, we're more than just a place of learning - we're a community dedicated to empowering you with the tools 和 resources you need to thrive. From personalized academic guidance to mental health counseling, we're here to support you through every challenge that college life - 和 life itself - can throw your way. With the help of our caring staff professionals 和 your fellow peers, the 俄勒冈州 Tech community works together to create an inclusive 和 supportive environment that paves the way for your success.

俄勒冈州 Tech has served the Portl和 Metro area since 1983,
preparing students for dynamic careers in today’s most innovative fields.